Everyone is arrogant

Now watching TV series, the barrage is more interesting than the TV series.

The plot is good, you can see it by watching the barrage. High-scoring divine dramas are especially 9 or more. Which barrage is the score.

Tencent bought a lot of American TV series are high-scoring TV series.

Later it continued to spread: everyone is VIP, speak to me arrogantly!

Everyone is from Hejian. Give me a bit of arrogance.

I rode a tram and arrived at Hejian Minsheng Bank.

At the end of 2019, the bank cards of various banks were sorted out again. I found a bank card for Hajian Minsheng Bank, which I rarely use. The frequency of use is too low. I germinated the idea of ​​logging out.

I rode a tram and arrived at Hejian Minsheng Bank. (The location is opposite the Hejian Public Security Bureau.) After entering the door, the staff asked me what to do. I said cancel the card.

The staff then asked me, where do you live? Where do you work?

You also need to fill out a form and follow the form step by step.

Hear the number reader, call my number,

Account manager, ask me why I closed the account.

I said, don’t use this card much.

Is this card you? I said yes.

Then take a picture of me,

To the end, say. Carry money for you. I said yes. A few cents at the end. Did not give me.

Say they have no change. I said no.

In general, the service of Hejian Minsheng Bank is too poor. No sense of service. If it is a deposit, it is estimated to be another face.

At that time, when I applied for a card, I registered with my mobile phone and opened the card in a while. Cancel now. It took about an hour.

With more than 2 months left, the wheat is almost ripe.

The children also started to take classes on their mobile phones.

Time is developing at a rapid pace. It is now true. A dream come true.

The course has both teacher explanations and drawings. It’s really beautiful. The teachers spoke Mandarin very well.

As parents, we have to follow the teacher’s instructions step by step.

Today I read the news that the People’s Education Publishing House has made an article into an e-book. Children can learn according to their own lessons. Elementary, junior and senior secondary courses are available.

With more than 2 months left, the wheat is almost ripe.

The temperature is getting higher and higher, and I hope that this year’s wheat will be harvested.