Impiran- Green Plants of Life

Business TypeImport/ Export and manufacturing of medicinal herbs
Main MarketsCanada
Main ProductsMedicinal herbs, saffron, dried fruits, vegetables, plant extracts
CategoryAgriculture – Agriculture Products Processing
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TagsBlack Henna – Fruits Vegetables – Natural Colours

Company Introduction

The company was first established in 1969 in Middle East region and has ever since been expanding steadily. Our main activity has been to export best quality of Saffron, medicinal and culinary herbs, namely dried flowers, roots, seeds, gums, leaves, pot-pourries and different parts of plants plus dried fruits, nuts and natural colours such as black Henna and red Henna.
We are able to process these materials with milling or extracting their essential oils.
Please contact us with your detailed inquiry for product specification and pricing.
Thank you.

Contact Information

Contact PersonA. Jalali
Fax Number9054178667
Post Codel6a3l3
Address147 casabel
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Manus Organic Farms

Business TypePvt
Main MarketsIndia
Main ProductsAloe Vera Cultivation, supplier, sourcing
CategoryAgriculture – Agriculture Products Processing
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TagsAloe Vera Cultivation – Large Scale – Organic Farms

Company Introduction

We are producers of Aloe Vera leaf on large scale and can supply any amount needed any time

Contact Information

Contact PersonAtul Vikal
Telephone+91 8826907085
Fax Number
Websitehttps://www. .net/corp-878817.html
Post Code110024
AddressLajpat Nagar, New Delhi
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PT. Bumi Sriwijaya Sejahtera

Business Typemanufacturer
Main MarketsAsia, Eropa
Main Productscompost,
EntrepreneurMr. Wilson
Employees> 1000 Employees
CategoryAgriculture – Agriculture Products Processing
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TagsChemical Fertilizer – Kelapa Sawit – Soil Activity

Company Introduction

Compost is the source of organic material for soil as well as source of nutrient for plant. PT. Bumi Sriwijaya Sejahtera introducing Our Best Compost which is made from palm oil empty stem / Tandan Kosong Kelapa Sawit (TKKS).
Advantages of using Our Compost:
a. Increase soil fertility
b. Increase biological soil activity
c. Improving / fixing soil structure
d. Reduce the dose of inorganic /chemical fertilizer up to 60%
e. Prevent pest attack in plants
Technology implemented in the TKKS Composting process:
1. TKKS Breakcutter machine
2. Turner machine
3. Decomposer bacteria that could speed up the process of composting
4. Enrichment with microbe
Raw Materials & Quality Product:
– Made from palm oil empty stem / Tandan Kosong Kelapa Sawit (TKKS)
– Stable quantity supply
– Convenient access to raw materials
– Continuosly produce the compost
– Compost will not be contaminated with the soil and loss its nutrient

Contact Information

Contact Person08127137282
Fax Number+62 711 351453
Websitehttps://www. .net/corp-883652.html
Post Code30114
AddressJL.Mayor Ruslan No.2000 Palembang
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Super Rice Mills Pvt Ltd

Main MarketsCanada –America -Australia -Sweden –Denmark –Norway- Romania-Netherlands -Spain -Germany -France –Italy –Greece-Switzerland -Turkey-Bangladesh-Bahrain-U.K -Libya -Lebanon -Egypt -Syria -Kuwait -Iran & UAE.
EntrepreneurMr M Aslam
CategoryAgriculture – Agriculture Products Processing
Link ToolPakistan Agriculture – Pakistan Agriculture Products Processing
TagsBrown Basmati Rice – China Fabric – Fabric Label

Company Introduction

A B O U T U S:
We, SUPER RICE MILLS (PVT.) LTD., (SRM) have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of a leading Millers/processors/exporters located in the heart of basmati-cultivated area “Kamoke”. We are one of few companies in Pakistan having 3 different imported plants under one premise i.e Par-Boiled (Sella) Rice Plant, Paddy Husking plant and Reprocessing SATAKE plant (6.5Mtons/hour capacity) with most modern “Color MASTER Machines”.

SRM Strengths are:-
-Our Plants
-Our Professional Team
-Our Procurement
-Our Quality& Service
We being committed company have made a handsome investment on our setup. Our rice holding capacity is more then 15,000 to 20,000 M.tons that gives our clients and us more confidence to commit consistent quality for whole year.

SRM Exports are: –
Canada –America -Australia -Sweden –Denmark –Norway- Romania-Netherlands -Spain -Germany -France –Italy –Greece-Switzerland -Turkey-Bangladesh-Bahrain-U.K -Libya -Lebanon -Egypt -Syria -Kuwait -Iran & UAE.
We believe we have all the capabilities to meet your quality standards. We pack export quality processed rice from 1/2kg to 50kgs packing sizes of different kinds (Polythene , Polyproplene, Cotton Cloth, China Fabric, Label cloth, Jute bags, Non Woven, Paper bags, paper Box and sorten) with zip, handle, barcodes and are sucessfully exporting all qualities of BASMATI and NON BASMATI rice to different parts of the World.

SRM Specialties are:-
-Super Brown basmati Rice
-Super Parboiled & White basmati Rice
-Long Grain Parboiled Rice
-Long Grain White Rice
We do private labeling for clients as per their wish as well as offer distribution of our own below brands. Our popular selling brands are distinguished due to it’s fully matured grains of more than 1-1/2year.

SRM Brands are: –

If you wish to launch new brand in your market or can opt SRM’s private label / registered brands with a commitment of competitive price and quality product in each consignment, you shall found “Super Rice Mills“ your copartner in rice business.
A quality product at a fair price is our commitment to you. We will do our best to provide quality products at the right time and at the right price. We believe in long-term business relations so our main focus is to achieve the desired goal and satisfy the buyer to our best.
If you have any query and requirement please feel free to contact. We would highly appreciate receiving a formal acknowledgement from you by return. For our company’s brochure and samples please write.

We look forward to your continuous patronage.

Best regards
Waqas Aslam
Managing Director
SKYPE: superricemills

Contact Information

Contact PersonMr Waqas
Fax Number+92-556-816937
Post Code52470
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Business TypeManufacturer cum Supplier
Main MarketsAgriculture produt,its value add product
Main ProductsCitronella oil,Davana Oil,Rosemary oil,Lemongrass oil,Palmarosa Oil,Tulsi Oil,Jasmine oil,tuberose oil
CategoryAgriculture – Agriculture Products Processing
Link ToolIndia Agriculture – India Agriculture Products Processing
TagsJasmine Oil – Medicinal Crop – Natural Food Colours

Company Introduction

We, ALLLURED HINDFRAG(AHF), introduce ourselves as one of the fast growing natural extract manufacturing and exporting company in India. We are located in Hosur,Tamil Nadu the Horticulture and medicinal crop growing belt of the country. We are mainly serving to Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical & Ayurvedic Industries. Our product range includes essential oils, oleoresins, natural food colours and pharmaceutical and ayurvedic  ingredients.
We have been catering  to a large number of customers across the globe. We have a explore team working round the clock in formulating the products with specific customer needs
We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing good satisfactory services, quality products, competitive pricing and more-over ensuring prompt delivery. We owe our strength to our dynamic  team of employees

Contact Information

Contact PersonDhakshinaMoorthykumar
Fax Number
Post Code635109
AddressNO:MIG-16/390,63RD CROSS,NEW ASTC HUDCO,Thally Road,Hosur-635 109,
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