I rode a tram and arrived at Hejian Minsheng Bank.

At the end of 2019, the bank cards of various banks were sorted out again. I found a bank card for Hajian Minsheng Bank, which I rarely use. The frequency of use is too low. I germinated the idea of ​​logging out.

I rode a tram and arrived at Hejian Minsheng Bank. (The location is opposite the Hejian Public Security Bureau.) After entering the door, the staff asked me what to do. I said cancel the card.

The staff then asked me, where do you live? Where do you work?

You also need to fill out a form and follow the form step by step.

Hear the number reader, call my number,

Account manager, ask me why I closed the account.

I said, don’t use this card much.

Is this card you? I said yes.

Then take a picture of me,

To the end, say. Carry money for you. I said yes. A few cents at the end. Did not give me.

Say they have no change. I said no.

In general, the service of Hejian Minsheng Bank is too poor. No sense of service. If it is a deposit, it is estimated to be another face.

At that time, when I applied for a card, I registered with my mobile phone and opened the card in a while. Cancel now. It took about an hour.

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