Grin is one year old and happy birthday

Grin forks at 542160 today, today is Grin’s birthday. Time passes really fast. At this time last year, Grin announced to fans around the world. A total of 31536000 were thrown to the market in a year.

Grin is also under great pressure of 86,400 coins per day, and consumes 500,000 yuan per day.

As a privacy coin, follow the MW agreement. Created a new era. This new era is successful on the shoulders of BTC. The MW agreement changed the current situation. The MW protocol can be as great in the future as the FTP protocol and the SMTP protocol.

The price of the currency has dropped from dozens of yuan to 7 yuan. Who knows how to go in the future? The mission to change the world makes it unknown from birth to the present.

The success of GRIN is not determined by how much he can sell and how many leeks can take over these production coins.

Locked or not sold is of course accepted by the market, because locked people expect to rise. This is also the consumption.

80,000 yuan a day, valued at 500,000 yuan, the market can certainly be taken on is to consume other things.

The grin token is now a commodity, and miners are involved in producing it. Whether to sell it or not is up to them.

Market acceptance and grin development is faster, I worry that GRIN’s development speed is behind market acceptance

Does the development of GRIN mean that there are leeks receiving 86,400 coins a day?

With the increase of new users and the improvement of infrastructure, the current development of Grin is very optimistic.

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